A cat befriends a white kitten who returned to see him every day for two years

Two cats living in neighboring homes in Wales, UK, had a meet-cute and became friends. So for two years straight, one of the pusses would come every day to visit the other.

It’s almost impossible not to become emotional during such a heartwarming get-together!

Conrad, the kitten, lives in Wales with his owner and another feline named Bobbie. Their owner loves to share the critters’ adventures on their Instagram pages.

July 2015 marked the beginning of a new relationship for black-and-white puss Conrad. While the cat and his owner were out in the garden, a white and fluffy feline called Lola came over to play with Conrad.

 It was a lovely encounter since the two tomcats broke the ice right away and started playing joyfully.

At first, nobody believed that Conrad would run across Lola again. Yet, Conrad must have made a lasting impression on his new pal because the small white cat returned the next day.

Conrad gets a girlfriend

 She repeatedly showed up, earning the nickname “Conrad’s girlfriend” in the process. Conrad never concealed his excitement at the prospect of seeing Lola again and being able to spend time with her.

“At first, she only visited approximately once a week, but over time, she came every day,” says Conrad’s human

The cat parent was constantly startled to find this tiny furball in his garden. He told Lovemeow about Lola’s impact on his pet.

Conrad, a rather reserved and cautious cat, took inspiration from fluffy Lola, who taught him new things. The pets became inseparable.

Every time Lola visited, they had a great time playing in the yard together. They were always leaping, wrestling, or exchanging tasty snacks.

You can catch a glimpse of those cute playdates between Conrad and Lola down below.

Since the animals enjoyed spending all their time together, their owners did not interfere.  This little routine went on for years.

Their encounters were diligently recorded by Conrad’s owner and shared on his Instagram page. Viewers all agreed that it was a delight to see the two felines still getting along so well.

Seemingly, hanging out with Lola revealed Conrad’s player nature.  The ladies’ man was discovered to be spending time in the yard with another “girlfriend,” Bramble, on more than one occasion.

Contrarily to the one with Lola, this relationship wouldn’t last the distance. Bramble was cute but really timid; thus, Conrad didn’t see her often.

Lola was probably delighted by this news. She would keep Conrad all to herself.

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