A cat in France was rescued by bystanders after falling from a building’s fourth floor

In downtown Le Mans, France, a cat accidentally fell from the fourth floor of a building. Fortunately for the feline passers-by were there to rescue him.

Now the moggy’s grateful owner has launched a plea to find the generous folks who saved her precious kitty.

Saïko, a one-year-old Maine Coon, is one tough cookie, the clumsy kitty somehow survived a dramatic fall from the fourth-floor window of his flat. Yikes!

Even scarier is that his owner hadn’t noticed the white tomcat taking the plunge. On Wednesday, July 13th, Manon Martin Y Mateos was relaxing on her sofa when someone knocked at her door.  A neighbor told Manon that a white cat had fallen from the building.

Upon hearing the frightening announcement, the Spanish artist searched her home for Saïko, her cat. However, she couldn’t find the Maine coon; hence a panicked Manon dashed downstairs.

A group of ten people gathered on the sidewalk. It turns out that motorists who witnessed the cat’s fall had stopped to assist the animal.

Passers-by come to the rescue

Saïko was hiding behind the wheel of a motorist’s car, parked along François Mitterrand Avenue. Onlookers slowed down the cars on this busy street so the feline would not be run over.

Distraught, fearing she might hurt her cat by picking it up, Manon called the fire department. She said to the local news website Actu:

“They suggested I contact the on-call veterinarian. After 10 minutes, I had him in Arnage.”

Manon needed to transfer her shaken cat to Arnage, ten kilometers away from Le Mans. Because the woman did not have a driver’s license, she asked a family member to transport her to the veterinarian’s facility.

Saïko will be fine

While waiting for her relative to join her, Manon feared for her pet’s life, the cat looked worse for wear. Manon said:

 “He had blood on his mouth, on a paw, and he was breathing badly,”

Coincidentally firefighters in uniform but not in service passed by the apartment block, they kindly stopped and assisted Manon.

At the vet clinic, the preliminary checks were reassuring. Manon stated:

 “He was bleeding because his mouth had been scratched. According to the X-rays, he has three fractures on each front paw.”

However, Saïko is alive and well and will thankfully recover.

So what caused Saïko to fall?

Manon thinks her Maine coon managed to get through a small gap in the window. She added:

“He’s a year old, and he’s a little clumsy. He could have fallen or seen a pigeon or a butterfly.”

Saïko’s mom is now attempting to contact the individuals who rescued her animal. She would like to thank them for helping both Saïko and her.

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