A white maine coon cat sits before a gray background.

A cat in France was rescued by bystanders after falling from a building’s fourth floor

In downtown Le Mans, France, a cat accidentally fell from the fourth floor of a building. Fortunately for the feline passers-by were there to rescue him. Now the moggy’s grateful owner has launched a plea to find the generous folks who saved her precious kitty. Saïko, a one-year-old Maine Coon, is one tough cookie, the … Read more

Cat falling in Stadium

Catch of the game as Miami football fans save cat from fall

On September 11, 2021, Miami Hard Rock Stadium housed a college football game between the Miami Hurricanes and Appalachian State teams. However, the highlight of the game had nothing to do with the actual players. Despite a rigorous check at the entrance, someone managed to get into the stadium without a ticket: a crafty little … Read more