Cat survives fire during owner's absence

A cat miraculously makes it out of a house fire, to firefighters’ surprise

Firefighters in Glen Forrest, Australia, responded to an emergency call signaling a burning house on July 25. When they rushed to the scene and searched through the wreckage, they found a terrified kitten. The cat’s owner, absent during the incident, was horrified to learn about the fire but relieved to find her pet in safe … Read more

Woman offerspet a cat miniature house

Owner gives miniature house to her cat on its fifteenth birthday

An owner’s celebrated her cat’s fifteenth birthday with a gift that had the Internet swooning. The video revealing the cat’s new miniature house received thousands of views. Kody, the ginger cat, is a bona fide social media celebrity who lives in Australia with his mistress. He has racked up more than 200 000 followers on … Read more