A cat saves a woman and her son from a fire ravaging their apartment in Spain

In Motril, a little town on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, a ginger kitty became quite the hero. Max, a seven-year-old cat, protected his family from a fire.

Without the cat’s fast thinking, his owner and her son might not have made it out of their blazing apartment in time. While the humans were unharmed, the savior required immediate veterinary attention.

At daybreak on June 28th, 2022, a fire broke out in an apartment on the 6th floor of a building located on Salobreña Avenue in Motril. The fire started in the kitchen and moved to the dining and living rooms.

When the fire ignited, Monica the apartment owner was taking her morning shower in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the woman did not realize the hazardous situation developing due to the noise of the water.

The second house occupant, Monica’s son, hadn’t woken up yet. So only one resident grasped the danger: Max the tomcat.

Consequently, the ginger cat began meowing as loudly as he could behind the toilet door to notify his mistress. Finally, Max made such a commotion that he drew Monica’s attention.

His insistence and the distress in his voice prompted the owner to complete her shower and rush out to see what was bothering Max.

According to the news website IDEAL, when Monica opened the door, she was greeted by heavy smoke completely saturating the air in the apartment.

An emergency evacuation

Immediately, Monica dashed to her son’s bedroom to wake him up, and both of them were able to fumble their way out of the blaze.

However, in haste and with low visibility, they lost track of Max, the cat had run to a room still untouched by the flames to get to safety.

Meanwhile, onlookers called the fire department, as a result, firefighters intervened and extinguished the fire in record time.

Still, there was no sign of the ginger cat, leaving Monica worried about her kitty. Finally, local police found the animal alive but unconscious. He had inhaled a lot of toxic gas, and his life was in danger.

Max was rushed to the veterinary clinic, where he was put on oxygen for several hours. The immediate care provided had the desired effect. Max recovered like a champion from his ordeal.

The entire tiny family is currently staying with their family friend Emilia. However, Max is uneasy in the company of his host’s two dogs.

So, Monica approached the community for assistance in finding a foster placement for him until she could find a permanent home. She said that she had already looked at numerous properties that they could move into. Speaking of Max, Monica said:

“Max is good, loving, and won’t be a bother.”

Considering his heroic deed, we have no difficulty believing that.

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