A man sits at a table beside a large calico cat.

Bandit the cat foiled a home invasion by alerting his owner to the break-in

As reported by NBC News, a cat named Bandit saved a Mississippi man from having his home burglarized by alerting him to the attempted home invasion as it happened. Bandit’s owner Fred Everitt lives alone with the calico cat and he shared that their usually quiet life was upturned when two burglars tried to break … Read more

A ginger cat sitting in the grass.

A cat saves a woman and her son from a fire ravaging their apartment in Spain

In Motril, a little town on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, a ginger kitty became quite the hero. Max, a seven-year-old cat, protected his family from a fire. Without the cat’s fast thinking, his owner and her son might not have made it out of their blazing apartment in time. While the humans were unharmed, the savior … Read more