A grieving owner pays thousands to have her beloved late cat taxidermized

After the death of her pet cat, Harriet Peace found some consolation in having Tango taxidermized in a sleeping position, paying £4,000 for the process.

Although the decision raised some eyebrows, the twenty-year-old nurse considered it the best course of action to keep the cat with her forever.

Harriet’s beloved feline was a ginger tabby called Tango, unfortunately, the poor kitten died in September 2021 after a car hit him.

As expected, his bereaved owner was utterly devastated by the tragedy, she refused to have the departed pussy cat buried or cremated.

Soon, Harriet started to look for alternatives. While she was researching, a friend mentioned taxidermy to her.

Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting animals’ skins, especially vertebrates, to make them appear lifelike.

A lengthy process

Tango didn’t present visible wounds, making him a possible candidate for taxidermy. Yet, it wasn’t a straightforward procedure.

Harriet resided in Scotland, but the taxidermy shop she selected was in London, meaning the nurse had to devise a way to ship Tango’s body to England.

Once Tango reached London, the taxidermy process took seven months and cost a total of four thousand pounds, according to the Mirror.

Still, Harriet wasn’t deterred by this lengthy procedure, although she admitted to the Mirror that she was worried about the desired result.

Harriet commented:

” I was really nervous when I dropped him off because I was worried he would look different, and I would have made the wrong decision.”

But when Harriet went to collect Tango all of her doubts were put to rest. The nurse said:

” When I picked him up, it was all worth it. He looks so realistic. He’s exactly how he was, and I’m so happy I have him here to remember him.”

Harriet understands how some people might be grossed out by taxidermy but insists it’s done respectfully.

Her ex-partner with whom she shared Tango disapproved of the process, but Harriet continued anyway. Nevertheless, the public’s reaction to Harriet’s move was mixed, to say the least.

@Billwizz wrote:

“I’ve got two cats and a dog; not sure I could live seeing them like that. Memories I think are more important.”

To naysayers, the nurse responded it was the best decision she had ever made. She added:

“It’s not for everyone, but honestly, I couldn’t thank the man who did it enough. After losing my best friend it’s the best gift anyone could give me.”

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