A CEO brings his cat to work and the friendly kitty wins over the staff

It’s not uncommon for businesses to encourage workers to bring their pets to work. This time, a company’s CEO followed the tradition by taking his cat to the office!

Overall, the chief’s long-haired calico cat made a lasting impression on the employees. He wanted to be cuddled while people were working.

A staff member recorded the boss kitten’s visit to the premises and posted a video on her TikTok channel. So naturally, 9.4 million people couldn’t take their eyes off the pictures of the adorable kitten hanging out in the office.

In the video, the young tomcat is sitting in front of the computer screen, prudently following the mouse’s actions across the display.

At some point, the puss settles in a chair belonging to a coworker but not for long. Next, he runs across the workplace carpet in pursuit of a small stuffed toy.

The friendly cat doesn’t think twice about climbing onto the shoulders of employees, his boldness earns him a hug.

Honorary employee

Commenters on Tiktok remarked how at ease the kitty appears in the formal setting. Many thought bringing him was a great initiative.

@Renin Nolispe wrote on behalf of the staff :

“Hey boss, you better start bringing your kitten in more often”

Another pointed out the tabby’s distracting aspect:

“one hundred percent of the work was not completed on that day.”

Looking at the footage, this person might have a valid point. Whatever the situation, it was definitely not a typical day at the office for the workers!

Taking your pet to work

Many cats spend their mornings and afternoons in an apartment, waiting for their owners. Who hasn’t fantasized about taking their companion to work, considering how dull those days alone at home must be for them?

Dogs and cats have begun to emerge in several businesses in the United States, and this tendency is spreading to other parts of the world.

For more than two decades, taking a dog to work has become more prevalent thanks to Take Your Dog To Work Day initiatives. As a result, more and more cat owners want to get involved!

For those who want to bring their cats to work, Take Your Cat to Work Day 2022 was on June 20th. If you missed it, don’t worry, as there is always next year!

Take Your Cat to Work Day 2023 is officially set for June 19, 2023. On this day, you and your cat can join in on the excitement before all the dogs arrive on Friday for Take Your Pet To Work Week.

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