A couple adopts a stray kitten they found during a vacation in Greece

A little stray cat needed help and luckily stumbled upon the right people in a small Greek town. A generous couple vacationing in the area saw him and took him in.

While Olivia and her partner were on holiday in Elafonissi, Greece, they came upon a ginger tabby kitten. The cat was by the side of the road leading to Kissamos, a western Crete town located at the bay’s end.

A kitten in need

The kitten had emerged from a line of olive trees and was at imminent risk of being run over by passing vehicles. Olivia’s partner was the one to spot the wandering animal and he pointed it out to her.

When sharing her story with Love Meow, Olivia recalled that the kitten was tiny and looked barely a month old. The woman added:

” He was sitting on the side of the road by himself.”

The couple decided to approach the fur ball. In addition to his tiny frame, the ginger tabby was plagued with fleas and noticeably underweight.

Despite his deplorable condition, the cat was sociable and didn’t pull back when the strangers came closer.  Olivia thinks that the cat let them touch him because he felt safe with the couple.

The vacationers couldn’t abandon the kitten in this sad state, so they took him.

Time for veterinary care

Olivia and her partner brought the poor tabby to the closest veterinary hospital. The removal of the parasites and the comprehensive checkup he received were both encouraging signs.

Nonetheless, the stray kitten still lacked a place to call home. Thus, the caring couple concluded that they should adopt the cat and bring him home.

They gave him the name Kissamos, also known as Kiss, after the place where they found him. After that, Kiss never left his new owners’ side and would sleep on top of them, Olivia remarked:

 “He was so cuddly from the beginning,”

Bringing Kiss home meant that Olivia had to make a few arrangements for their return journey. Tina, a foster volunteer, had the responsibility of looking after Kiss for a few days while his owners finalized the procedures.

Although Tina took great care of him, Kissamos missed his parents. Olivia said:

“When we came back to pick him up, he missed us so much that he lay on my chest purring during the whole drive back. “

A growing family

Perhaps the cat was afraid to be abandoned once again.

Following their return, Kiss adjusted quickly to his new environment. The owner shared that on the first night in his new house, the kitten “played, ate, and slept very well (the first night) knowing he was in his forever home.”

Seeing him grow and flourish brought much joy to Olivia and her partner. The couple was so satisfied with the unplanned adoption that they linked up with a Kissamos shelter to explore the possibility of saving another kitty.

Also, a second cat would serve as a companion for Kiss. In doing so, Olivia and her partner got not one but two additional cats named Bali and Ela.

All good things come in threes!

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