Stray cat in heatwave begs for help

Kind store owner saves stray cat after it begged for help during heatwave

Amidst the scorching heat in Saudi Arabia, a stray cat had nowhere to hide. Eventually, the animal begged for help in front of a local business, where the compassionate owner opened the door to assist the overheated moggy. The photographs have sparked awareness among Internet users, who have praised shopkeeper Rayan Algamadi‘s compassion toward this … Read more

A calico cat in a colorful tunnel.

Disco the cat is a dancing queen who doesn’t let cerebellar hypoplasia hold her back!

Disco the cat is a beautiful calico girl with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) that makes her ‘dance’! Cats with this condition are sometimes called ‘wobbly’ cats because of how the symptoms present. Disco’s owner thinks these ‘wobbles’ look like dancing, and they’re not wrong! In late 2021, her owner went to a local shelter to see … Read more

A calico cat sits on a balcony.

A French man has started a Gofundme page for his brave cat who fell from the third floor

A cat owner from Metz, France, has issued a plea for help on the fundraising portal Gofundme.  Yaeden Piel is struggling to pay for the surgery of his cat, who has two fractured legs. On July 25th 2022, the young man stated in the fundraiser’s description: “Greetings, my name is Yaeden. I’m 21 years old … Read more

A young boy and a woman with a calico cat between them.

The feline companion of an 11-year-old autistic boy has been given a well-deserved accolade by the National Cat Awards

An 11-year-old autistic boy from Berkshire, England, was given a cat to help him overcome crippling anxiety. April 2022, the thankful kid nominated his furry companion for the annual National Cat Awards, and the clever cat won an award! According to Jenny Albery, her son Elliot has a special relationship with Chicken, his cat. The … Read more

A calico kitten stares at an office computer screen.

A CEO brings his cat to work and the friendly kitty wins over the staff

It’s not uncommon for businesses to encourage workers to bring their pets to work. This time, a company’s CEO followed the tradition by taking his cat to the office! Overall, the chief’s long-haired calico cat made a lasting impression on the employees. He wanted to be cuddled while people were working. A staff member recorded … Read more

A man holds a huge calico cat in his arms.

Meet Samson: who is officially the biggest cat in New York City!

A Maine Coon cat named Samson has earned a special title in New York City. Since 2016, the Guinness Book of Records has recognized the kitty as the city’s biggest cat. Ten-year-old Samson certainly deserves his title, this impressive feline weighs no less than twenty-eight pounds and measures an impressive four feet. Jonathan Zurbel, the … Read more

A blind calico cat standing on a gray carpet.

This blind street cat developed FIP – but her rescuers refused to stop fighting for her

Street cat Belladonna is ten years old and was rescued by Little Wanderers NYC back in April after it was discovered that she was blind. Belladonna was fostered straight away, and although she was struggling with a severe case of anemia, she seemed to be doing well in her new surroundings. Then her health took … Read more

A calico cat looking up at the lens.

Animal Rescue Center goes to great lengths to find a home for a cat being separated from their elderly owner

Having to part ways with a beloved one is a choice that no one wants to make! However, this is the horrific experience that some elderly people must experience when they go to a retirement home. An elderly lady is currently facing this dilemma. The woman has to relocate in September but refuses to leave … Read more