Pitbull thinks he's a cat

Pitbull is convinced he’s like his feline siblings and hilariously tries to mimic them

Pitbull Willow, cats Klaus and Percy, and chihuahua Spike all belong to Socorro Jaramillo. Over time the woman noticed that her dog Willow would copy everything the cats did, even climbing on a cat tree. The dog is utterly confident in her abilities and thinks she can accomplish similar acrobatics to Percy and Klaus. Socorro … Read more

Labrador plays with a black and white cat

Cat becomes a foster fail when she falls in love with a dog

Maggie is a cat who doesn’t care much for other cats or people. But when it comes to Coco, her favorite dog, she’s absolutely in love! Jennifer, Maggie and Coco’s owner, describes the pair as “a couple.” Maggie is definitely the most cuddly of the two. In a video by the Dodo, Jennifer says: “She’s … Read more

Separeated cat and dog have a heartwarming reunion

Kitten’s emotional reunion with her dog best friend will warm your heart

Bobbie, a tomcat, and Winnie, a doggy, developed a strong attachment during the short time they spent together living in the same house. When Bobbie had to leave, it was a terrible blow to the pair — but the moment they reunited will warm your heart. April Butler has a soft spot for critters. Winnie, her … Read more

Two images: one of a black cat and one of a black dog wearing a neck scarf.

A compassionate cat guides a blind dog by meowing in front of obstacles

A blind dog has found a great companion in a house cat. The feline assists the disabled dog in navigating the world without sight. A German shepherd- Greyhound cross named Blaze went blind in 2020, but thanks to Satin, the dog has someone to guide him at home. Robin Wagner, who lives in Vermont, adopted … Read more

A black and white dog sits beside a ginger cat.

This incredible cat and her dog brother donate blood to help other pets

A spirited cat and a brave dog have become local heroes after repeatedly donating blood, their selfless act contributes to saving animals in need. Mandie Pannell chose to bring her five-year-old moggie Weasley and her six-year-old dog Spock to a donation center to assist veterinarian clinics and sick pets. Weasley, the ginger cat, has donated … Read more

A golden retriever sniffs a ginger cat.

This anxiety-ridden golden retriever has an adorable emotional support cat

In Australia, a dog suffering from anxiety counts on the unwavering support of his little brother: a British Shorthair cat. Horlicks is an adorable golden retriever from Australia. Since he was very young, Horlicks has suffered from separation anxiety. This behavioral disorder causes him to manifest signs of anguish whenever he is separated from his … Read more