A blind street cat from Greece found the love of a family in London

Dmitri the cat lost his sight due to a severe eye infection, found wandering the city streets, he has started a new chapter in his life in London.

The formerly stray kitten was spotted on the streets of Athens, Greece. Apparently, something terrible happened to him: his eyes were infected, so he couldn’t see.

Dmitri was taken to a veterinary clinic, but the doctors had no choice but to remove both eyes surgically. The cat underwent a double enucleation, leaving him completely blind.

Afterward, the animal was taken into the care of a London-based charity, Newsweek revealed in an article. While there, Emma, a London resident looking to adopt a cat, came forward.

The woman contacted the organization, and workers suggested she adopt a blind cat. Unfortunately, these cats are often abandoned, and finding them a permanent home is much more difficult.

Emma eventually met Dmitri and was charmed by his adorable presence and attitude. Since then, life has changed for them. She confided:

“I fell in love with him when I went to visit him, he rubbed against my foot when I walked into the room, and I knew I had to adopt him!”

An outpouring of love

Although Dmitri is deprived of his two eyes, he is still happy, fulfilled, and in good health. The feline, about four years old, loves to venture safely into his owner’s small garden.

His owner details the feline’s routine:

“He acts like any other cat. He knows my apartment, jumps on the furniture, plays with toys, and is very affectionate. He’s perfect the way he is.”

Dmitri trusts his mistress, who kindly guides him everywhere he goes. But he has not just conquered Emma’s heart.

Since August 2021, the young woman regularly publishes videos of her adorable pet on the social network TikTok. His tender attitude and willingness to lead an everyday life have made people curious about him.

His account “Dmitri The Blind Cat” has been delighting subscribers. The clips, which reveal the daily life of this atypical hairball, usually collect hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

One commenter reacted to Dmitri’s cuteness, saying:

“Dmitri you r so cute, let me hug you 🌚❤️🥺🥺”

In response to the positive feedback, Emma said:

“I’m so happy that so many people around the world adore her and are discovering how wonderful blind cats can be. I hope her presence on the Internet will encourage others to adopt disabled animals.”

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