A feline regularly raids the printer to grab his human  freshly printed assignments

A printer, or any other gadget that moves and makes noise, will captivate a cat’s attention. A Redditor posted a clip of his pet hijacking his printer to steal the printed paper.

The cat in question is probably just as curious as any other cat, but his fascination with his master’s printer is amusing, at least for us.

For the owner, it’s a different story. Because of his pet’s interference, the youngster must now print his assignments covertly to prevent them from going missing.

Coconut is the name of the lovely white-haired cat. And when Coconut’s human says the cat stole his homework, he’s telling nothing but the truth.

On October 12, the Redditor uploaded a clip titled ” Coconut keeps stealing my homework off of the printer” to the popular forum Animals Being Jerks under the moniker goddam_kale. And the video definitely serves as evidence of the cat’s mischief.

It shows Coconut standing on a desk next to a functioning grey printer. The four-legged animal waits calmly for the paper to be printed before snatching it out of the device with a paw.

Next, Coconut grabs the copy by the teeth and sprints away right in front of his owner’s dumbfounded eyes. Apparently, it’s the kitten’s newfound hobby

This funny video soon attracted much attention after being posted online. Thousands of viewers gave it their upvote. Besides, the newspaper, the Hindustan Times, relayed the viral sequence.

Coconut sparks a discussion

Many commenters found the cat endearing. User @Capital-Afternoon-22 asked:

“Lol, this is amazing. What does the cat do with it afterward?”

Coconuts’ owner explained that his cat loves playing with paper in general. He will come running if he hears the rustle of paper.

When the owner is opening mail, Coconuts plays with the envelopes. Every day, the puss requests that they throw crumpled pieces of paper at him to retrieve.

Paper bags and notebook paper are currently the white moggy’s preferred paper forms. However, his owner does make him return printouts.

Some felt like goddam_kale should be grateful for his cat relieving him from a burden.

 @cdiddy19 said:

“Coconut is giving a very proud strut. Coconut saved you from the awful homework beast.”

Another user shared a similar story about his feline shredding work documents more than once, and the subsequent awkwardness:

“It’s pretty embarrassing/funny to have to look at the lead engineer in the eyes and say, my cat ate my survey notes,” SevroAuShitTalker wrote.

One thing is sure Coconut’s human needs to keep an eye on this feline.

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