Cats are rescued from a dark garage after a year in captivity

The quick reactions of concerned citizens led to the successful rescue of cats and birds imprisoned in a cage in a garage in Pordenone, Italy.

Authorities found the animals confined to teeny-tiny cages and housed in the gloomy and unwelcoming atmosphere of the garage. It’s believed the animals spent almost a year in this space.

After being held captive in a garage with no light or windows and receiving only the bare minimum of care, forest rangers finally set free four cats and six turtle doves from this hellhole.

 They were saved after the rangers in Pordenone’s Enpa neighborhood received a call for help from the community.

The menagerie was located in the garage of a simple house in the town of Sarone in Caneva County. Someone living in the small village decided to report the problematic situation to the local agency Enpa.

 After preliminary inquiries established the existence of mistreatment, the forest rangers were sent to the location to investigate the problem. Upon entering the garage, the workers found the cats locked in two cages and another cage containing the turtle doves.

While the creatures were allowed, there were clearly in distress due to the unsanitary conditions. In addition, being in the dark for months caused them many health problems.

The kittens’ eyesight was damaged by the permanent darkness, with one of the cats turning out to be almost entirely blind.

Heavy consequences for the culprit after the cats’ rescue

As the authorities enquired about the disheartening situation, they identified the garage owner. This person claimed that the animals’ stay in this part of the house was temporary, but observers contradicted those claims.

Aurora Bozzier, in charge of Enpa, pointed out to a news outlet that multiple witnesses had noticed no light in the garage for countless months.

Since the group assumed custody of the cats and turtle doves, veterinary experts have been monitoring them and nursing them back to better health.

In addition, the garage owner will be tried for animal abuse, which encompasses giving animals physical injury and maintaining them in unsuitable surroundings. Both of these offenses fall under the category of animal cruelty.

According to the Criminal Code, animal cruelty is defined as ” injuring an animal through cruelty or without necessity, or subjecting it to maltreatment, or to behavior, fatigue, or work that is unbearable for its characteristics.”

Depending on the severity of the offense, the possible penalties include a fine anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000 Euros or imprisonment for three to eighteen months.

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