A firefighter adopts a cat rescued after its owner was discovered dead in Evesham

After his owner had passed away, a starved and dehydrated kitten was brought into an animal shelter. Luckily, a colleague of the firefighter who saved the feline made the decision to give him a new home.

A team from the Evesham Fire and Rescue Service in Worcestershire, located in western England, was sent to an apartment complex following an alert. Someone had discovered the body of a man in one of the flats.

Sadly, the man could no longer be helped. He had passed away before the paramedics could provide assistance, even though they had arrived on the scene.

In reality, the autopsy performed on his remains revealed that he died four days earlier than previously believed.

The emergency service workers heard frantic meowing coming from another room as they arrived at his residence. When they came in, they noticed a kitten resting on the floor.

Since the tenant had died days before, the pet probably went without food or drink for a long time. Moreover, the kitten’s mother was nowhere to be found.

The black-haired kitten looked underweight and dehydrated but otherwise seemed to be in good health. As the late owner’s family gave their consent, the kitten went to a local shelter, Cats Protection League.

” It was sad that the resident was beyond help, but we were pleased the kitten was very much alive, if rather weak,” stated one of the firefighters

At the refuge, the volunteers fed and took care of him before listing him up for adoption. The workers at the Cats Protection League decided to give him the name Red in honor of the firemen who rescued him.

The rescue kitten finds a new owner

While waiting for a new family, Red was placed into foster homes. After the rescue, a firefighter called Kyle Annis expressed his desire to become his adoptive parent.

On-call crew commander at Evesham Fire Station, Kyle Annis, had heard about the rescue from one of his workmates.

Once the shelter assured the prospective cat parent that Red was healthy and ready for adoption, Annis welcomed the feline into his family.

Since his adoption, the black kitten has fully recovered from his awful experience. He’s now the joy of the Annis family.

Kyle Annis told the Eversham Journal.

“Needless to say, we’re all delighted that Red has bounced back to health and is now full of mischief, and my family is thrilled to have a new pet.”

This chapter marks a new beginning for little Red.

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