rescue kitten finds new home after owner died

A firefighter adopts a cat rescued after its owner was discovered dead in Evesham

After his owner had passed away, a starved and dehydrated kitten was brought into an animal shelter. Luckily, a colleague of the firefighter who saved the feline made the decision to give him a new home. A team from the Evesham Fire and Rescue Service in Worcestershire, located in western England, was sent to an … Read more

missing cat found in solidarity effort

A master recovers his missing cat after four months thanks to a collective mobilization

For four months, a cat dad feverishly sought his missing black cat, Nutty. She had escaped from her family and never came back. In the face of this vanishing, Philippe Piveron started a Facebook group to help him locate his pet. After the group attracted attention, this story got a positive outcome due to an … Read more

This special needs kitty doesn’t let his disability slow him down

Mickey the cat was surrendered to Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation in Virgina, USA, as a kitten because he was paralyzed from the waist down. After being assessed, Mickey was found to have Manx syndrome, meaning he was going to have some special needs. And need an owner who was willing to accommodate him. Luckily, … Read more

This ‘meow-del’ uses his good looks to promote the adoption of black cats

Rover the cat was adopted by Angelina Kayyalaynen after she saw a picture of him on the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society‘s adoption site and immediately fell in love. According to PetsRadar she named him Rover after the iconic Land Rover Range Rover because she planned on taking Rover with her on her outdoor adventures. … Read more

Two black cats, eating from bowls with their tails intertwined.

These bonded brothers were abandoned but found a new loving home together

Two bonded brother siblings, Baba and Tamacti, were surrendered to Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California in June 2021. When they were turned in, Baba had a severe upper respiratory infection. The vets at the center decided that the most humane option for Baba was to remove his eyes, as the infection had gone … Read more

A black cat with deformed legs looking up at the camera.

Aries the special needs cat ambassador is a beacon of bravery and strength

Aries is one very special cat. He was born with malformed joints which cause his two back legs to hyper-extend and point inward towards his body. This gives him an almost spider-like appearance. Thankfully, there is no pain associated with his condition, and he doesn’t let it get in the way of living life to … Read more

These bonded brothers were rejected for the color of their coats, but one woman changed their lives

Brenda was used to having dogs, but when her life circumstances meant she couldn’t care for one, she decided to adopt a cat instead, as Brenda explained to GeoBeatAnimals: “If you would have asked me five years ago that I was going to end up with not one but two cats, I would have laughed … Read more

A black cat with bright yellow eyes.

This black kitten was in the right place at the right time, to find her forever home

While Cat Man Chris was out on a bike ride, he thought he heard a kitten meowing in the bushes on the side of a busy road. His suspicion was confirmed when he saw a tiny black kitten run into the bushes beside him. He immediately went into the bushes looking for the kitten and … Read more