A generous dog feeds a hungry stray cat found in the garden

After a video of a dog named Pudding in the Chinese province of Shandong giving some of his food to a homeless cat went viral online, the small dog won people’s hearts worldwide.

In the popular clip, Pudding the dog can be seen walking into the courtyard with a pork bun in its mouth, presumably to feed a tiny ginger cat.

A local, Ms. Fu, filmed the scene on Thursday in the garden outside her home in Weifang.

Millions of internet users were moved by the beautiful moment, and Pudding hailed. This story became headlines on national and international websites like the Daily Mail.

The dog shares his food with the kitten

During an interview with the Chinese newspaper The Paper, Ms. Fu said:

“That day, as I was working on the ground level, I heard our dog barking up the stairs. Then, as I looked up, I saw him return to his kennel for more meatloaf, and his barking resumed.”

The dog owner recalled that Pudding picked up some meatloaf and set it down in front of the sleeping ginger kitten beside the patio steps. He encouraged the puss to take the food by waving, wagging his tail, and pacing back and forth.

In the beginning, the kitten was wary but eventually gave in to the tempting treat and scooped up the meatloaf. He was then seen dashing away with the bun in his teeth.

Ms. Fu continued: “After the cat chewed the bun, I was afraid the dog might chase after it or start a fight with it. What I saw on tape was happening, but I didn’t know it at the time.”

This scene moved Ms. Fu. a great deal, as Pudding is a guard dog. Moreover, the pup is habitually very possessive about his food.

She explained, “Our dog stayed back and gave the cat some space since the cat was frightened and didn’t want to walk down the steps.”

After being initially posted by Ms. Fu to Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, the video has received millions of views across social media. It spread around other platforms where the dog’s kind deed elicited an enthusiastic response.

On Youtube, user @ Ritika Das wrote in the comment section:

”Amazing love, which the world needs more of.”

@KiTA agreed with the general opinion, saying:

“The good boy did a good deed. 🥺.I wish someone could take in the cat, though! Dx”

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