A ginger cat looks at the camera.

A grieving owner pays thousands to have her beloved late cat taxidermized

After the death of her pet cat, Harriet Peace found some consolation in having Tango taxidermized in a sleeping position, paying £4,000 for the process. Although the decision raised some eyebrows, the twenty-year-old nurse considered it the best course of action to keep the cat with her forever. Harriet’s beloved feline was a ginger tabby … Read more

A black and white cat sits on the ground looking at the camera.

A couple holds a funeral for their cat only for the kitty to reappear the next day!

Danielle and Sam Smith from Birmingham, England, buried their beloved cat Lucky’s body after he was struck by a car. So imagine their shock when the feline showed up the following day! Lucky, an 11-month-old cat, was very naughty according to his owners. The feline often tried to get into people’s houses, prompting his owners … Read more