A kitten has an unexpected reaction to a bird blocking his doorway

Cats and birds rarely see eye to eye, but a new video circulating on Tiktok challenges this age-old assumption. A cat named Minus has a rather diplomatic reaction when a daring bird settles in the feline’s spot.

Are Minus and her flying intruder an exception to the rule?

A user by the name of @minus.the.cat recently uploaded a video on TikTok in which their cat, Minus, can be seen interacting with a neighborhood bird.

The short clip shows a red door with a square pet entryway installed in the middle: that’s Minus cat door. However, this time, a stranger is comfortably nested in the gateway.

A little bird blocks the feline’s passage and doesn’t seem to care in the least.  Surprisingly, Minus’s reaction to the uninvited guest is not what you’d anticipate.

No hissing, no jumping, no chasing the bird; the moggy keeps his cool. Perhaps, her living in a Scandinavian environment shaped the kitten’s behavior.

It’s worth pointing out that the bird stands its ground as well. One would expect it to be more anxious in front of this sly predator, yet not this one.

In fact, the bird almost seems more aggressive than the cat.  Her owner describes Minus as a gentle lady but a crazy maniac when she feels like it.

Well, the calico kitten’s tender side might have won this round.

Anyhow, she tries to find a solution to drive the visitor away. Take a look at the funny interaction between both animals below.


Svarer @Johanna Gustafson The birds face went from ☹️ to 😡 when she touched it one last time. This is also for everyone worried about the bird being fake/stuffed/dead😅 #cat #animals #fyp #foryoupage #catsoftiktok #cats #catlover #pet #bird #catflap

♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov

Tiktok reacts to the even game

The quiet stand-off occurring between Minus and her feathered intruder amused viewers who commented on this post. Many watchers admired how restrained Minus was in her dealing with the birdie.

@Sugar lauded the adorable kitten, saying:

The kitty been gentle asking nice 😂

@Kelly Mears Parker imagined the bird’s thoughts, writing:

“That bird said, remember when you knocked my nest outta that tree? Well your house is mine now 😼😼😼 “

Some commenters believe the bird is about to lay eggs; hence it was looking for a nice place to nest.

 @MynameisBelle stated:

“Bird is gunna have babies.”

The cat’s owner did not confirm this assumption, but they gave some updates on the animal deadlock. Everyone got off scot-free.

Minus’s masters took pity on her and carried her into the house. As for the bird, it held its position as a cat door bouncer for twenty more minutes before bouncing.

A peaceful conclusion to a cold war.

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