Picture of tabby cat and picture of green bird bath

Woman sets up bird bath to honor the memory of her departed cat

It is an undeniable tragedy when someone’s animal companion passes away. This woman had to face the loss of her beloved cat, Oscar, and she honored his memory in a beautiful way. Hug your cats a little tighter Oscar’s owner described him as an “indoor kitty who always craved the outdoors.” He was an escape … Read more

Cat and bird have funny interaction

A kitten has an unexpected reaction to a bird blocking his doorway

Cats and birds rarely see eye to eye, but a new video circulating on Tiktok challenges this age-old assumption. A cat named Minus has a rather diplomatic reaction when a daring bird settles in the feline’s spot. Are Minus and her flying intruder an exception to the rule? A user by the name of @minus.the.cat … Read more

two tabby cats sit on a windowsill.

Warring cats give up fighting to chase a bird instead in this comical clip

Two domestic cats who had been fighting one another made the internet giggle after they put their disagreements aside to concentrate on a bird. Cats are affectionate creatures who can shower owners and friends with love. Yet, they can also be remarkable predators who hunt their targets mercilessly. This list of adversaries includes mice, other … Read more