An owner gives her yogi kitten his own mat to train alongside her

Some cats want to climb over fences and play in the garden. Others just want to lie on a plastic mat and rehearse their asanas (postures).

Mango, a fluffy ginger-and-white cat from Michigan, falls in the latter category. The white puss was named after the mango tree that grew in his human’s backyard.

Still, Mango doesn’t really spend much time climbing trees. The feline is somehow drawn to a softer sport: yoga, which his owner Autumn Preziger regularly practices at home.

This puss has a fascination for Autumn’s pink yoga mat in particular.

For a long time, whenever Autumn Pregizer would bring out her yoga mat, her cat Mango would immediately get on it with her. The white moggy would then roll around or climb over her owner.

During an interview, Autumn explained:

“When I was using that mat, he would sometimes go underneath me while I was planking, lay on it where there was room, and knead it,”

Both ‘yogis’ would spend significant time on the mat.

Autumn Pregizer wasn’t very surprised when her cat joined her for a workout session. In fact, the cat and owner are thick as thieves and virtually do everything together.

The yogi kitten gets his own equipment

Although Autumn enjoyed seeing her kitten so motivated and playful, the cat’s presence on the mat made it extremely difficult to carry out her planned exercises.

Indeed, Yoga requires space and stability. Autumn Pregizer being an athletic person, wanted to exercise without being interrupted. She could also accidentally hurt Mango while taking her postures.

To solve the issue and keep her yoga buddy happy, Autumn had a great idea. The woman decided to give her old yoga mat to the cat and buy a new one for herself.

She even cut the older mat in two, making it size-appropriate for the kitty.

From this point forward, Mango would remain on his mat by himself while Autumn would safely conduct her yoga routine. A win-win situation for all.

Now when the Michigan resident does her yoga, the fluffy cat gets on his mat and either lays down, rolls, or kneads. Sometimes, he’d rather stay still and watch his owner do her thing.

A family yoga session. Uber cute! Pic credit: Autumn Prezinger

“He is like my very own cheerleader; he is always there to support me whenever I find myself in need of it. He is like my very own cheerleader.”, she said

Mango truly is the cutest supporter. We would all train more if we had such a delightful workout pal.

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