A cat with a cleft palate helps a girl with the same condition embrace her features

The special bond between a little girl and her cat, who were both born with a facial deformity, has significantly impacted both of their lives.

A young girl learned from her kitten Sergeant Pepper, that being different does not always equal being sad. Their lovely friendship has deeply impacted all who have witnessed it.

Caitlin from Philadelphia was terrified when she learned her child would be born with a facial deformity. At twenty weeks, the expectant mother found that her daughter would have a cleft lip and palate.

A beautiful friendship

Caitlin came to terms with the unpleasant news after the initial shock. However, she wanted her child to live a carefree life despite the circumstances, so she sought guidance, researched, and received some psychological preparation.

The couple said in People magazine that the birth of their daughter Ivy provided them great joy. When the baby was one and a half years old, she received treatment to ease some of the disorder’s symptoms.

Her family also noticed that she was obsessed with their cat, imitating his meows and often attempting to touch him. At the same time, the toddler was becoming more independent.

Caitlin and her husband considered introducing a new kitten into their home after witnessing their daughter’s attitude. They discovered Sergeant Pepper, a pussy cat born with a cleft lip and palate on Instagram.

They knew the moment they laid eyes on the adorable pet that he was destined to join the family. Caitlin expressed her intent to adopt Sergeant Pepper to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.

An award bestowed upon the shelter

Ivy and the kitten quickly became friends. They spent long hours together, climbing on furniture, giving hugs, and occasionally getting into mischief.

Caitlin hopes that when her child looks at her kitten, she will learn that a congenital abnormality is nothing to fear.

Their story inspired the Petco Love organization which chose Ivy and Sergeant Pepper from a group of 100 families whose lives had been touched by the pets they had acquired for its annual Love Stories event.

As a reward, the shelters they came from received up to $100,000.

These families were chosen because their tales influenced the Petco Love organization. As a result, the animal shelters that rescued the animals got a prize of up to $100,000.

Thanks to Ivy and her feline companion, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society has received much-needed financial assistance.

The large sum of money will assist the organization in its outstanding work for needy animals.

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