Locals rescue a kitten from a river and find him a loving family

A kitten that became stuck in a river prompted the responses of two charitable organizations. Both organizations worked together to save the kitty and find him a family.

Members of the small community didn’t hesitate to get wet in order to help. After his ordeal, the cat received adequate care.

According to The Anglo-Celt, the rescue operation was carried out in Cavan, Ireland, where a stray kitten had fallen into a river and could not get out on its own.

A kitten in trouble

The events took place on Wednesday, July 20th, that morning, inhabitants of the area heard distress cries coming from the nearby river. A passerby inspected the scene and spotted a frightened ginger kitten in the water.

Luckily for the puss, the level of the river was not very high at that moment. If it hadn’t been for the shallow water, the little kitten would have certainly drowned.

On the other hand, the cat still faced a significant obstacle: the wall was too tall and steep for him to climb over it and reach the bank.

St Vincent’s charity Shop in Cavan Town was the first to receive notification of the situation, as its staff had just started at work.

Because they were unable to reach the tabby, one of their members, Léan Brady, got in touch with Caroline Van den Berg from the animal welfare association Wild Wardrobe.

Ten minutes later, Caroline Van den Berg arrived at the site. The woman came prepared and without hesitation, Caroline waded into the river to save the ginger kitten.

After grabbing him carefully, she brought him to the shore. There, Caroline placed the wet kitty in a big towel and then took him to the veterinarian.

Seeking a loving family

At the vet clinic, the veterinarian spotted an injury located on one of the cat’s front legs. But other than that, the puss was in good health.

While the search continued for his potential owners or adoptive family, the veterinarian cared for the cat.

On the St Vincent shop’s Facebook page, Léan Brady shared the rescue story.  A few days after the publication, many volunteers expressed their willingness to adopt the ginger kitty.

Ursula Caden wrote:

Hi Leanne, Would love to give this beautiful little lady a home. I lost my own cat 3 weeks ago, she was 19 years old, so I would love to give this little lady a good home. ❤️

On July 21st, 2022, the shop gave an update on the kitten’s situation, stating:

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