Four kittens stand inside fake cardboard TV set

Four foster kitten sisters were nothing but “Good Trouble”

These kitten sisters were rescued and raised in foster care. Now they have been adopted out in pairs to their forever homes. The kittens were taken from a local animal shelter by Jordan Jones, a foster and volunteer at Juliet’s House Animal Rescue. She would take care of them until they were old enough to … Read more

An orange tabby kitten hangs out in playpen.

A man undertakes a miraculous rescue and saves a newborn kitten trapped in an excavator

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a man was working on a construction site last month when he heard faint meowing sounds from an excavator on site. Construction worker Matt searched the equipment and discovered a tiny ginger kitten near the engine. He had been in the excavator all day. The kitten appeared to be a … Read more