A stray cat befriends a man at the junkyard and finds a home and a job as the company foreman

In 2020 a man heading to work in Columbus, Ohio, stumbled upon a stray tabby cat who captured his attention and became part of the family.

When car shop owner, Ray, arrived for work one day, he found a friendly stray feline by the back door. The tabby cat was accompanied by his two brothers and a sister.

The stray cat behaved as though he knew Ray and the two of them had an instant bond. This friendly tabby cat was later given the name Buster.

Junkyard foreman

Ray got attached to him quickly and welcomed Buster in as part of the crew at the junkyard. The inquisitive feline adapted to the office seamlessly. He enjoyed being a part of the work environment and loved greeting and escorting customers.

Buster, does not mind multitasking and supervising the other workers either. Whether it’s overseeing car inspections and escorting customers, or checking the status of paper in the printer, Buster knows all about hard work and keeping customers happy.

He’s great at time management too as he always finds a way to fit in a cat nap. After a hard week of work, Ray takes Buster home to let loose and have fun!

The shop owner and cat lover has a couple of other felines at home already. He uses the weekends as a time to bring Buster home and get acquainted with his other cats and get a change of environment.

Switching gears at home

At home, Buster loves to play with Ray’s other cats and have fun. He enjoys galavanting in the yard, climbing trees, and wrestling with his new siblings.

By the end of the weekend, he’s got his fix and is ready to get back to work. Monday morning, Buster and Ray return to the junkyard where he can act as company foreman. He loves the attention and being around the staff and customers.

Ray’s made Buster the official office cat. He oversees the staff and checks in on the clients. He has his own nook in the shop for his bed, food, and water. Buster not only acts as the junkyard foreman but he also helps keep employee morale up.

Having this friendly feline as part of the work-family has brought much joy into the lives of everyone involved.

Final Thoughts

A random working day at the office turned into a life-changing moment for a shop owner and a friendly stray cat. With a newfound outlook on life, Buster the foreman cat found a new place to call home.

And owner Ray was blessed with the gift of newfound friendship in the human-animal connection that can’t be unmatched. You can follow Ray and Buster’s adventures at the shop on Instagram and TikTok.

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