This woman became the guardian angel of a disabled kitten she rescued from the streets

A young woman and her brother found a tiny orange disabled kitten in the middle of the road, dragging its back legs behind it.

The kitten was in bad condition, aside from its immobile legs, its eyes were weeping mucus, it was having trouble breathing and it didn’t seem to have a voice, although it was trying to meow.

They picked her up and took her to the vet straight away, the vet they brought the kitten to suggested they put it down, but the young woman couldn’t do it.

She looked at this tiny, shivering creature and decided she would do all that she could to save its life. She named the sweet kitten Zuri.

A ginger kitten snuggled in a pink towel.
Zuri resting after returning from the vet with her rescuer. Pic credit: @zuritopia/Instagram.

A long road ahead

The vet was convinced that Zuri wouldn’t live long, she definitely had the flu and the vet didn’t know what had caused her back legs to stop working. If it was internal damage, Zuri wouldn’t last long.

But the young woman refused to give up on the kitten. She took Zuri to her home where, after convincing her mother to let her keep the cat inside, she started with the basics; keep Zuri warm and fed.

The young woman had never taken care of a cat before, and so she decided to document her care and post it on the internet looking for advice.

She soon found out that paraplegic cats sometimes need help urinating, so she went to the vet and learned how to express Zuri’s bladder for her.

A ginger cat wearing a diaper.
Due to her unfortunate condition, Zuri had to wear a diaper. Pic credit: @zuritopia/Instagram.

Weeks after Zuri was found, all the hard work put into her care was paying off.

Miracle cat

Although the first few weeks of her life were touch and go, Zuri improved greatly over time. The vet confirmed what her owner had guessed; Zuri wasn’t in any pain, in fact, she had no sensation at all from her waist down.

In more good news she had gained enough weight to be vaccinated! Despite her initial prognosis of not making it “more than three days”, Zuri is here to stay.

A young cat with big bright eyes shining in the sunlight.
Zuri looking healthier than ever! Pic credit: @zuritopia/Instagram.

The young woman even introduced Zuri to her grandparents who love her nearly as much as she does. But her rescuer loves her the most, she calls Zuri her “Anak”, which means “my child” in Malay.

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