A vet’s unique ‘dangle test’ to assess a cat’s temperament sparks interest on TikTok

A simple tip provided by a veterinarian in Florida has gained worldwide attention. Vet Tori Given believes that her advice could assist cat owners in deciding whether or not their pet possesses a pleasant personality.

A cat owner herself, Tori Given, lives in Kansas with her boyfriend. The couple owns four animal companions (two dogs and two cats).

As an alumna of Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Given regularly uses social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to share information about animals. In her posts, she teaches how to adequately care for animals and keep them in excellent physical condition.

When she first joined Tiktok, one of her primary goals was to share interesting cases that she had encountered while working in the vet clinic.

Tori Given explained that she was looking to make connections with other veterinarians as well as aspiring veterinarian students. Soon Given realized her channels’ potential, so her content evolved. She told Newsweek:

” I realized that TikTok can be a great educational tool for owners interested in helping pets live their best, healthiest lives. “

Her videos feature diverse pet-related topics ranging from simple matters such as trimming your pet’s nails to complex issues like a collapsing trachea. The channel has more than one hundred thousand subscribers.

Tori introduces the dangle test

On Tuesday, Given published a video showing an uncommon tip called the dangle test.  Since then, the video has been viewed more than six million times.

In the clip, the veterinarian provides a comprehensive breakdown of the test. She illustrates her point by holding up one of her cats, saying:

” Apparently, if you dangle them like this and they’re ok with it, then they’ll be good cats.”

Tori was thrilled about the test results since her cat stayed perfectly calm in the uncomfortable position, therefore passing the test.  

Tiktok loved the easy trick, with many users leaving humorous responses in the comments section. User @apesontheloose wrote:

“Not me going around the house testing all my cats knowing full which one won’t pass 😂”

@AmandaMtz shared her doubts about the test, stating:

” FYI: My cat dangles, but she’s a menace 😩 she hates me. She makes her own rules. I pay rent to her.”

Similarly, some users were worried about their pets failing the experiment, but Given responded reassuringly. The vet said about cats who wiggled when held up:

” Ah, they are still perfect, but they might be spicier than the danglers.”

When prompted to share the origin of this unusual tip, Tori Given told her followers:

“When I started working in a veterinary hospital at around 18 years old, a wise older veterinarian introduced me to the ‘dangle test.’

If you hold up a puppy or kitten and they loosely dangle without stress then they will grow up to be nicely tempered dogs and cats, according to the now viral test.

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