Animal Rescue Center goes to great lengths to find a home for a cat being separated from their elderly owner

Having to part ways with a beloved one is a choice that no one wants to make! However, this is the horrific experience that some elderly people must experience when they go to a retirement home.

An elderly lady is currently facing this dilemma. The woman has to relocate in September but refuses to leave her pet Minouchette alone.

As a result, two animal associations have joined forces to help the cat find a new family.

Relocating can be tricky for pet owners. Some manage to bring their furry companion along to their new homes, but not every owner is so lucky.

This hard decision can result from a new landlord not accepting pets or challenging circumstances. For instance, a British woman went to incredible lengths to keep her landlord from evicting her cat.

Together for Minouchette

The situation is similar for Minouchette, an adorable fifteen-year-old cat from France. The calico cat usually resides with her owner, a senior citizen.

Sadly, Minouchette’s owner is at a stage of her life where mundane activities have become increasingly wearing.

The aging woman is slowly losing autonomy, so relatives convinced her to enter an assisted living center where she’ll get appropriate aid.

A retirement home sounds like an adequate solution except for one thing: most French assisted living homes don’t allow their pensioners to take pets.

Furthermore, because “they all have young, energetic pets,” the owner’s family cannot welcome 15-year-old Minouchette.

Soon, the retiree will have to move, and she is determined to find a caring family for her cat. Thankfully, the woman found a strong ally in her local associations.

Un Second Souffle, an association that takes care of elderly and disabled people at home, has made a mission of placing Minouchette. The group contacted the animal shelter Des Patounes pour la Vie to spread the SOS of the older woman and her cat.

The shelter posted an ad on Facebook stating:

” Minouchette is looking for a family for September, she is 15 years old, and her mother is leaving for a retirement home. she doesn’t want to leave if Minouchette has no family.”

According to the shelter, Minouchette is a cat with a bit of an old lady personality who can adjust to not irritating and not too young cats. Even if the feline never goes outside, she’s perfectly content with a modest inside space and some supervision.

Animals in retirement homes

According to ADP Insurance, pets are permitted in some assisted living facilities in France. However, only a minority of establishments allow them.

Thus, before registering a parent, you should inquire with the institutions. Each facility has its own set of pet restrictions and procedures.

When pets are admitted to a retirement home, one of the most common requirements is that the elderly person is able to care for their pet, especially in terms of hygiene.

In Paris, local representatives advocated opening the doors of these centers to animals in February 2022.

They believe the presence of animals in retirement homes is one of the elements that contribute to strengthening social bonds, combating loneliness, and supporting the fight against cognitive illnesses.

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