A woman discovered that her mischievous cat had been tampering with the clock she thought was broken

A woman fixed her inaccurate clock countless times, yet the device never seemed to get the time right. What Michelle O’Conner didn’t realize was that the clock wasn’t broken. Instead, somebody else was tampering with it: Willow the cat.

Willow is a curious cat with an orange and white coat, always looking for new means of entertainment. The kitty takes infinite pleasure from investigating every nook and cranny of her abode.

She constantly finds a way to reach spots her family thinks she cannot, which is a testament to her resourcefulness.

Willow’s mother, Michelle O’Connor said that her feline would jump in an open cabinet or drawer and hide in shopping bags or any bag. O’Connor revealed:

“If you try to take her away, she throws a fit and starts meowing. Because she is constantly engaging in behaviors that she should not, such as chasing the dog, she is fondly referred to as twat cat.”


A few months ago, Michelle O’Connor noticed that the time on the giant clock that hung on the wall was wrong, so she corrected it. Yet hours later, the clock still displayed the erroneous time.

Michelle fixed it again, but the same scenario repeated the next day. Despite her efforts, this darned timepiece wouldn’t function properly. Michelle had a hazy understanding of this recurring problem.

O’Connor recalled that she had to replace the batteries in the clock. Two weeks later, when she still hadn’t figured out what was wrong, she again decided to renew the batteries.

At last, a fed-up Michelle simply assumed her clock was damaged beyond repair. However, she would soon learn the actual truth.

The real culprit is caught

Kitten Willow was behind everything, Michelle’s daughter caught the orange-and-white kitten in the act.  

The amused daughter filmed the infraction and shared the irrefutable evidence with Michelle. In the footage, the feline is seen tampering with the clock’s hands, ensuring the time would always be off.

 An incredulous Michelle told The Dodo:

” No guilt from her whatsoever. She just meowed in temper when she was stopped”

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Willow will have to find another game. Still, if she wants to keep messing with the clock, the pussy cat will have to be really stealthy about it.

According to O’Connor:

“So far, I haven’t seen her do it again.”

To follow Willow’s adorable shenanigans, visit her Instagram page, where her owner regularly posts clips of her and a white puppy called Milo.

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