This underweight and depressed rescue cat transformed into a fearless adventuring feline

Ragnar is a stunning-looking cat whose striking appearance is the result of breeding between a Highland Lynx and a Ragdoll. The beautiful cat lives a charmed life thanks to its owner.

Despite appearances, Ragnar didn’t always look like the healthy cat that he currently is, the events of his past existence have affected the cat greatly.

Sarah Harrison, Ragnar’s owner, lives in the small town of Penrith in the English county of Cumbria. Harrison works at a local animal sanctuary called Eden Animal Rescue, it was there that she met Ragnar.

The adventure begins

Due to severe digestive issues, Ragnar came to the facility underweight around a year and a half ago. In addition to his physical illness, the tomcat appeared to be in a poor mental state.

Sarah shared:

 “At the time, we didn’t have room at the rescue, so my friend Alex asked me if I could keep him at home overnight.”

The caretaker welcomed the sick kitten and never looked back, soon the temporary arrangement became permanent.

Sarah and her partner, Peter Wyatt, cherished Ragnar, which ultimately led to the pet blossoming in this new environment. Sarah explained to  Cumberland and Westmorland Herald:

“He was depressed at first, but he has really found joy in our home.”

Nonetheless, Sarah is convinced her kitty is unlike other cats. According to her, Ragnar displays peculiar mannerisms.

From couch potato to adventurous cat

Originally, Ragnar was an indoor cat who had never experienced the wind or rain. Even though he’d never set foot on grass before, his new owners quickly learned that he liked the great outdoors.

Unlike some pets, getting Ragnar into his carrier was a breeze, so Sarah decided to take him on getaways and it became one of the cat’s favorite things to do.

Aswell as the carrier, the owner purchased a harness and a leash for Ragnar. Since then, Ragnar has been involved in a diverse range of adventures.

The tomcat has explored numerous new areas, namely Crofton Pond, Silloth Beach, the shoreline of Lake Ullswater, and Little Mell Fell Park.

Sarah gushed about her feline companion:

“He’s a great little character, and he’s good company. He loves people. If he sees someone walking towards me, he’ll go straight to them. “

It’s only the start for this intrepid cat, Sarah and Ragnar have more trips scheduled on their busy agenda, including an upcoming trek to Hallin Fell.

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