Gremlin the cat has a congenital deformity that causes her tongue to permanently stick out

One day a woman named Mauren got a text from her friend asking her if she wanted a kitten with a “weird jaw”, that kitten would turn out to be Gremlin. She was found in a cardboard box with her siblings in a car park, placed there by someone who didn’t want them.

After being taken to the vet they assessed that Gremlin’s jaw is a congenital deformity she will always have, most likely a result of inbreeding. Thankfully, her misshapen jaw doesn’t cause her any pain or awkwardness, but it does mean she is known to blep.

Blepping is known in cat behaviorist circles, as the act of leaving the tongue sticking out of the mouth unconsciously. Gremlin’s jaw is smaller than that of a normal cat which means it can’t contain her tongue.

More cats = more love

She may be tiny, and her permanent blep may make her look adorable, but Gremlin likes to make sure she is heard.

Her distinctive, sweet, squeaky meow is another side effect of her smaller-than-normal jaw, but that doesn’t stop her from chatting away when she wants to.

Gremlin’s independence has been slightly challenged by some more cats joining the family. Gremlin may have been Mauren’s first cat, but she definitely wasn’t her last.

She now has five cats, each one of them rescues. Joining Gremlin is Calcifer; a short-haired ginger kitty, Jiji; a long-haired tabby, Alexis Rose; a long-haired tortoiseshell girl, and David Rose; a long-haired ginger boy.

Alexis (top right), David (top middle), Jiji (top right), Calcifer (bottom middle), and Gremlin (bottom left) all cuddled up together. Pic credit: @grim.stagram/Instagram.

Despite having four more felines to play with and cuddle, Gremlin remains the closest with Mauren.

Mama’s girl

Gremlin has adjusted well to having another four cats vying for Mauren’s attention, perhaps because she knows that they share a special kind of love. She remains a certified Mama’s girl, which makes sense considering how much Mauren dotes on her.

The bond between them is strong.

So strong that Mauren is happy dedicating her life to rescuing cats, she has chosen to be child-free, raising cats instead of human babies.

And despite the backlash, she faces for being honest about her decision she knows it’s the right one for her.

Caring for any life is noble. Especially when that life would be left alone to fend for themselves otherwise.

A tortoiseshell cat with its tongue hanging out.
Gremlin has brought so much joy to Mauren and is the reason she wanted to adopt more cats! Pic credit: @grim.stagram/Instagram.
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