This yogi cat has his own mat

An owner gives her yogi kitten his own mat to train alongside her

Some cats want to climb over fences and play in the garden. Others just want to lie on a plastic mat and rehearse their asanas (postures). Mango, a fluffy ginger-and-white cat from Michigan, falls in the latter category. The white puss was named after the mango tree that grew in his human’s backyard. Still, Mango … Read more

Two cats play with each other through bars of their cages

Shelter kitties Quin and Raven play with each other while waiting to get adopted

Two cats, Quin and Raven, spent their shelter days comforting each other through the bars of their cages. Now Quin has been adopted, and Raven is well on her way to being adopted too, gaining new families who will give them all the love and cuddles they need. Shelter love Cats are often solitary creatures, … Read more

Two images: one of tabby cat looking in a mirror and one of the same cat pawing the hands on a clock.

A woman discovered that her mischievous cat had been tampering with the clock she thought was broken

A woman fixed her inaccurate clock countless times, yet the device never seemed to get the time right. What Michelle O’Conner didn’t realize was that the clock wasn’t broken. Instead, somebody else was tampering with it: Willow the cat. Willow is a curious cat with an orange and white coat, always looking for new means … Read more

Two ginger tabby kittens.

Long-lost twins reunited after their owners start dating

Sometimes fate works in curious ways. The following story reads like a soap opera but is a true testimony. A pair of kittens who were split up after being adopted were reunited years later by chance when their respective owners fell in love. To better understand this tale, you have to go back in time. … Read more