A woman orders a unique aquarium so her cat can be among the fish

There’s nothing some cat owners won’t do to please their beloved pet. A Siamese cat named Jasper is one of those lucky kittens spoiled rotten by his human.

His owner built him a custom-made aquarium to allow the cat to observe fish at his leisure.

Melissa Krieger lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is the proud owner of four cats. According to the cat mom, each puss has its own character and quirks.

Yet, there’s one particular hobby they all have in common: the kittens love to watch the colorful fish swimming in the family aquarium.

Jasper, one of the cats, can even spend several hours watching the fish without ever getting tired. Indeed, the moggy seems hypnotized by the little fish’s graceful movements.

The cat’s fascination with the fish tank gave his owner a little idea to make him happy. The woman thought of an arrangement to allow Jasper to blend with the fish.

A unique aquarium

To concretize her ambitious project, Melissa found help in the person of Jason Hering, a worker at the Aquatics and Exotics pet store in Cincinnati.

When Jason met Melissa and Jasper, he decided he would try to help them with a crazy project: creating a place in the aquarium for the cat to watch the fish.

The design would include a sort of observation tower to let the cat be as close as possible to the fish as if it were immersed in the water.

After some thinking, Jason succeeded in creating a kind of trap door under the unique aquarium. The square space was big enough so Jasper could go through to observe the fish.

Besides the unique design, this custom-made aquarium came with a cost. Melissa Krieger had to pay over two thousand dollars for the installation, although she didn’t mind for the beautiful eyes of her beloved cat.

Jasper becomes a ‘catfish’

Jasper didn’t wait long to enjoy his new observation spot. Melissa shared on TikTok a video of the Siamese using the clever invention.

The scene in which Jasper has his head submerged in the water to observe the fish is, without a doubt, really enchanting.

Furthermore, the ingenious device met immediate success among feline lovers.

@Harmony Paige gushed:

“my cats are jealous! they are now demanding a cat aquarium 😂 this is the coolest thing ever! what an awesome idea!”

Likewise, @Dragona72 exclaimed:

“Awwww, this is the coolest and cutest thing ever! Good for you for doing that for your kitty!”

Whenever commenters asked where to purchase the item, Melissa Krieger courteously mentioned the Aquatics and Exotics pet store.

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