A young seal sneaks into a New Zealand house while chasing the house cat

In New Zealand’s Mount Maunganui, Phil Ross and his family reside in a lovely home just 150 meters from the beach sand. He is a well-respected seal researcher and professor at the University of Waikato.

Coco, a sweet black alley cat, is also a part of the family. Unfortunately, the black moggy has the naughty tendency to pick a fight with the neighboring dogs before retreating home.

Phil’s wife, Jenn, and their kids are sleeping in the house one night when they hear strange sounds downstairs. When Jenn Ross comes down to find out the noise’s origin, the mother spots a lanky black animal waiting there.

It isn’t their beloved Coco but rather a seal. The ten-month-old New Zealand fur seal entered the home through the cat flap door.

Seal versus alley cat

Because of his absence, Phil is not exactly sure of what happened, but he gives a plausible explanation. For him, Coco is probably to blame in this case.

The biologist told Fox 6 that his cat was quite protective of her territory and liked to taunt other pets in her area and flee. Except this time, the cat’s opponent was determined to finish this confrontation.

” I imagine she took a swipe at the seal, which didn’t back down, and then proceeded to chase her up the side of the house and through two cat flaps, “ Phil said.

Not expecting this aggressive reaction from the seal, Coco fled to the neighbor’s house for safety. The cat refused to come home unless the seal had left the premises.

After the initial shock, Jenn Ross took matters into her hands, yet the seal wouldn’t budge. Finally, after around 90 minutes, Jenn successfully coaxed the baby seal outside, where a Department of Conservation ranger eventually captured it.

Phil reported that the seal had been released into a nearby estuary. The marine biologist made light of the situation, saying:

“This is probably the only family emergency where it would be useful to have a marine biologist at home, and I wasn’t there.”

Indeed, he definitely blew his chance at fame. Better luck next time, perhaps?

One family member who didn’t find this intrusion funny in the least is Coco the puss. The shaken puss didn’t find common ground with the seal.

Although Phil had never heard of seals going through a cat door, he confirmed that it is typical for young seals to land on the beach at this time of year. The babies are getting weaned and venturing out on their own.

Coco had better watch her back this season; the previous episode might not be her only encounter with seals.

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