Nabi the sauna cat

Alley cat loves to sneak into the local sauna for a nap

A dry sauna in Korea became a stray moggy’s favorite hangout. The cat would spend hours in the facility, enjoying the warm temperature and other commodities. When an intrigued staff member decided to follow the stray cat, he discovered a sad reality. Modern South Korean culture includes many rituals. Among them is going to traditional … Read more

Cat and seal have an encounter in a house

A young seal sneaks into a New Zealand house while chasing the house cat

In New Zealand’s Mount Maunganui, Phil Ross and his family reside in a lovely home just 150 meters from the beach sand. He is a well-respected seal researcher and professor at the University of Waikato. Coco, a sweet black alley cat, is also a part of the family. Unfortunately, the black moggy has the naughty … Read more