Unloved stray cat with asymmetrical face finally gets the retirement he deserves

Mike, a former stray with an asymmetrical face, lived a hard life until he got adopted by a loving human. Now in his later years, Mike can finally enjoy a peaceful retirement.

The 14-year-old feline Mike lives in the east of France with his owner Nathalie. This ginger cat has an uncommon feature: the right side of his face is noticeably plumper than the left.

Today he enjoys wearing fancy hood scarves, lounging on a plaid, or playing with peels. Life these days is pretty chill for Mikey, as shown on his Instagram.

But that wasn’t always the case. Before he met Nathalie, circumstances were less than rosy for the ginger.

Mikey was in dire straits

For a long time, Mike didn’t have a place to call home, and was a stray cat. The S.P.A (Société Protective des Animaux), an animal rights association in France, found him on the streets when he was approximately 10 years old.

According to Nathalie, at the time of his discovery, Mike was in a dire state. He looked gaunt because he had been starving.

Additionally, there was a huge injury on his neck, which required immediate care. Hence, the shelter sent him straight to the vet.

Mike’s medical examination results weren’t very encouraging. The puss had multiple health issues including Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and a severe infection of his neck wound. His future was uncertain.

Despite his predicament, Mike showed a real will to live. Besides, the ailing cat was eating and kicking so the vet decided to give him a chance. She became his foster parent and slowly nursed him back to health.

Love at first sight

After the caring vet, Mike’s lucky strike didn’t end there. He then met Nathalie, his current owner.

Nathalie was casually browsing the shelter’s website when the lovable ginger cat caught her eye. Nathalie stated that even before getting his detailed information, she knew Mikey was the one.

Nathalie felt like she and Mike shared similarities. Nathalie herself was adopted by her parents. Moreover, as a disabled person, Nathalie could relate to animals with special needs.

The fact that Mike’s shelter was a 16-hour drive from Nathalie’s hometown didn’t deter the young woman. She got into her car and made the long trip to the west of the country.

Mike’s glow up

Nowadays Mike is busy living his best life. He still has to take his medication, but he doesn’t mind. On the contrary, he livens up at the metallic sound of a pill being popped from its tablet.

According to his owner, the feline oddly loves fruits and vegetables. He gets a kick out of playing with banana peels and squashes.

Furthermore, Mike even got himself a new friend, a neighboring cat who showed up at Nathalie’s window. The two cats spend time together playing, grooming themselves, or just sitting quietly next to window.

For Mike the senior cat, the hard times are far behind.

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