After a two-year journey of ups and downs, Quincy the special needs cat found his home

Quincy the cat was first brought to Pumpkin Patch Rescue by his foster mom, Mel, in early 2020. Like all of Mel’s fosters, Quincy was a special needs kitty. But Mel was ready to help him with everything he needed, including helping him socialize and overcome his anxiety.

After a few weeks, Quincy had already gotten more courageous, playing with toys and even exploring areas of the foster home where he hadn’t been before.

As Quincy came out of his shell, he became a very playful cat who loved to steal balls of yarn from Mel. She kept a close eye on him while he was playing, since yarn can be a hazard for cats, but as long as he stayed safe she was happy to see him having fun.

Mel nicknamed him “arctic fox” or “white fox” because of his gorgeous blue eyes and fluffy white coat.

Adoption anxiety

In early 2021, Quincy was adopted, but he had to be returned because he hadn’t been ready to get used to a new environment. He had been anxious, spending most of his time hiding in a closet. After three weeks with no improvement, he had to go back into foster care.

Quincy’s anxiety continued even when he got back. He hid more, stopped grooming himself, and didn’t let anyone hold or pet him.

Anxious white cat
Quincy feeling anxious. Pic credit: @mellamprey/Instagram

Mel placed him in a quiet room where he could be alone. She took him to appointments to help with his anxiety and started him on some new helpful medications.

She hoped that he would improve and that they would find an adopter who would be patient and loving with him. For now, he was welcome back in his foster home, where Mel would help him get comfortable again.

Just a few months later, he had regained most of his confidence. In an update on her Instagram, Mel said:

“He’s been very active and participatory, and is about 90% back to how he was before his adoption…He’s a completely different cat from the one who hid under a bed, hiding his face when we tried to interact with him.”

Tabitha comes to the rescue

Then, in October 2021, Tabitha came to the foster home. She was a tiny kitten with mouth deformities, but that didn’t stop her from adjusting quickly and making friends with the other foster kitties, especially Quincy. Being with Tabitha made Quincy more confident, too.

Light colored cat with blue eyes
Friendly Tabitha joins the party. Pic credit: @mellamprey/Instagram

In 2022, Quincy was available for adoption again, this time paired with Tabitha. There was some more delay after Quincy got injured and Tabitha had some emergency dental work, but several months later they were all recovered and ready to be adopted.

Finally, after such a long and patient wait, Quincy and Tabitha were adopted in August. Tabitha adjusted to their new home quickly. Quincy took longer, but Tabitha certainly helped him.

After having Quincy in her foster home for more than two years, Mel was sad to see him go, but she was mostly happy that he had finally found his forever home along with his best friend. She said:

“Quincy was just so special to us having waited as long as he did for a home and having been returned once for his shyness. We love that giant white fox and are just so happy for him. And proud. So proud of him.”

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