Small calico senior cat

Meet Daisy, the senior kitty who overcame medical problems to live her best life

In one of our articles, you’ve already met BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet,” a rescue cat turned social media influencer. Now say hello to Daisy, another cat in BenBen’s family with a story of her own. Like BenBen, Daisy was a rescue cat. She joined the family early this year when her humans … Read more

Pregnant cat looks out a window

Pregnant cat waits to give birth until her foster mom returns from a trip

Cat foster mom Stephanie was getting a new addition to her foster home, a very pregnant mama cat named Jersey. Stephanie was excited to help the cat give birth and see all the newborn kittens, but there was just one problem: she was on a trip away from home. She was worried that she wouldn’t … Read more

Gray mother cat and two kittens

Cat needed to switch foster homes when she had two surprise kittens

Nora was a stray cat who was taken to animal services and placed in a foster home. But she wasn’t alone. She surprised everyone when she gave birth to two kittens. Not every foster home can take care of mama cats and newborn kittens, so they were sent to their new foster home, known as … Read more

Tortoiseshell cat with six kittens

This pregnant kitty was so young, but she became an amazing mama to six kittens

When this kitty arrived at her new foster home, she was very pregnant. Her human foster mom was ready to help this kitty mom give birth to her kittens in a safe place. Young mom The foster mom, Lynn, knew that this cat was special. She was already going to be a mom, but she … Read more

White fluffy cat

After a two-year journey of ups and downs, Quincy the special needs cat found his home

Quincy the cat was first brought to Pumpkin Patch Rescue by his foster mom, Mel, in early 2020. Like all of Mel’s fosters, Quincy was a special needs kitty. But Mel was ready to help him with everything he needed, including helping him socialize and overcome his anxiety. After a few weeks, Quincy had already … Read more

Labrador plays with a black and white cat

Cat becomes a foster fail when she falls in love with a dog

Maggie is a cat who doesn’t care much for other cats or people. But when it comes to Coco, her favorite dog, she’s absolutely in love! Jennifer, Maggie and Coco’s owner, describes the pair as “a couple.” Maggie is definitely the most cuddly of the two. In a video by the Dodo, Jennifer says: “She’s … Read more

A gray tabby looking up at the camera while being petted on the head.

This amazing foster mom is giving this senior hospice cat her all – but she still needs help

Mabel the cat came into her experienced foster mom Malia’s life at 12 years old and weighed only four pounds (under 2kg). She was also blind, and on top of being malnourished, had a host of skin, dental, and ear problems. She had bald patches all over her body, and was incredibly picky with what … Read more