Airplane passengers stunned after cat appears mid-flight

Passengers on an airplane were left stunned after a cat suddenly appeared mid-flight.

A video of the incident shows a confused-looking cat, who somehow got loose, standing atop a passenger’s seat.

The clip was uploaded to Reddit by a user who goes by the handle u/1q8b and shows a clearly bemused tabby cat looking around in bewilderment, seemingly wondering how they got to be thousands of feet in the air.

‘That’s a cat’

At the beginning of the video, a shocked passenger exclaims “That’s a cat!”, while others can be heard chuckling as they watch the confused kitty survey the sea of amused passengers looking up at them.

The video was titled ‘First-class cat got loose during flight’ but the original poster didn’t expand on how the baffled pussycat came to be free-roaming around the commercial airplane.

It’s likely that the tabby was accompanying a passenger and traveling within a cat carrier but somehow found freedom either through a devious kitty jailbreak or by being unadvisably released.

Reddit reacts

The clip of the unsuspecting cat’s inflight antics captured the attention of Reddit users and the video’s popularity continues to shoot upward as it amasses countless upvotes from amused viewers.

One Reddit user suggested that the cat considered the passengers to be mere peasants and was vindictively roaming the plane trying to find those who were allergic to it.

The Reddit user u/1q8b who posted the video chimed in and took the joke further, saying that the cat was on a hunt for the one passenger within the group who was ‘not a cat person.’

Reddit comment
One commenter’s comical reaction. Pic credit: u/1q8b/Reddit
The original poster’s comment. Pic credit: u/1q8b/Reddit

Cats on planes

It is unknown which airline the plane in the video belongs to, but most U.S airline companies allow small cats and dogs to fly on board with passengers as long as they are kept within an approved and secure pet carrier.

American Airlines restricts carry-on pets for flights beyond certain destinations and limits people from bringing their cats on board with them for flights that are longer than twelve hours.

The list of destinations that American Airlines allows pets to travel on board to. Pic credit: American

A flight to remember 

The Reddit user who posted the humorous clip didn’t share whether the dumbstruck kitty was returned safely to a carrier, or spent the rest of the flight taking in the sights of the airplane. 

What we can be sure of, is that it was a flight that neither the well-traveled tabby cat nor the shocked passengers will ever forget. 

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