Cat takes dozens of selfies on iPad after being left home alone

A woman who left her cat home alone was stunned when she returned to find he had taken dozens of hilarious selfies on her iPad.

When you leave your iPad or phone at home with your pets, you assume there’s not much to fear except for the occasional scratches on the touchscreen. It turns out, you have it all wrong. 

A Chinese woman had a surprising experience at her home in Australia where she lives with her two feline companions: white fluffy Er Niu, and black-and-white tabby Xiao.

Tech-savvy cat

One day after she had left the house, Er Niu decided to spend his free time like a typical gen Z would: on a mobile device. Once the feline got a hold of his owner’s iPad, he took the opportunity to flex his photography skills. 

Er Niu shot dozens of selfies on the tablet. The sassy cat even turned on the camera’s flashlight in the process. Probably to improve the quality of the shots, right? Smart cat.

The feline took pictures of himself in several positions: smoldering at the camera, grooming himself, licking his paws. Enough poses to make the cut for Australia’s Next Top Model.

The woman found the photos taken by the then seven-month-old feline after noticing a large amount of hair on her iPad when she returned home, reports the Daily Mail. Since the strands were snow-white, the culprit was easily identified.

Er Niu charms the internet

As she scrolled down her screen, Er Niu’s owner was speechless. There were about a hundred cat selfies on the device. Amused, she shared the photos on Douyin (Chinese TikTok).

Soon, thousands of users reacted to the comical situation. Users were impressed by both Er Niu’s photogenic face and his photo skills.

People praised the cat’s cleverness. One of the commenters wrote, “This is so cute! Er Niu is too smart. He has now learned to take selfies.”

Some wonder if the cat learned by copying the habit of its owner, although the most likely answer is that Er Niu was just playing, having no real clue of what he was doing.

Anyway, there’s no doubt this adorable feline gave the internet a good time with his undisputed talent for photography and his charming selfies.

Now his owner will surely have to be more careful about where she leaves her iPad.

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