An owner locates her missing pet using the dating app Tinder

A cat named Peanut went on an extended walk away from home a few days ago. Katie, his owner, was understandably concerned when he didn’t return. So, she went about finding him in an unorthodox way: by creating a Tinder profile for him.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Tinder is an application that allows you to meet people around your location. Even though she has a fantastic spouse, Katie Alsop has joined the dating app Tinder in the hopes of reuniting with her lost cat.

In reality, Katie was distraught when her orange-and-white kitten, Peanut, disappeared overnight from her home in Northampton, England.

In ordinary circumstances, any cat owner would be concerned about their cat missing, but Katie had additional reasons to worry. A succession of mysterious cat murders had plagued her neighborhood,

 Because the killer had struck again not far from her home, the woman was understandably nervous. So, Katie devised a strategy to ensure Peanut’s safe return home.

Katie started thinking of ways to get the word out about him other than social media or printed materials. That’s when the cat’s mom resorted to Tinder.

Not your regular search technique

Katie was convinced that her cat couldn’t be far away, so she immediately thought an application using geolocation could be useful.

Tinder lets users upload photos (typically self-shot) and a short bio in the hopes of finding a romantic “match” with nearby users. For premium membership, the app would spread a user’s profile to even more locals.

Katie made use of this particular feature.  However, she made her profile about Peanut and asked for help locating him.

The peculiar profile caught the interest of many users on the platform. Katie received four hundred matches while looking for Peanut.

 In less than half an hour, Katie heard back from a guy named Charlie, according to the Huffington Post.

Charlie peered out the window after seeing the Tinder profile. He spotted the missing cat in his yard for the first time.

“Charlie was literally scaling 8ft fences and jumping into wasteland, it was like an action film,” Katie said.

Later that night, Katie and Charlie reconnected and set out to scour the area where Peanut had been spotted. They eventually found him, but the frightened cat ran away before they could catch up to him.

The pet owner had to switch methods. She decided to use Peanut’s favorite things to lure him home: tuna, litter, and some dirty clothes.

And it was with a meow that Peanut finally made it home sometime later. After his ordeal, the famished kitten was frail and scared, yet he would be alright.

Overall, the puss didn’t vanish for long, but his owner still felt his absence.

“If it weren’t for Tinder, I never would have known where to look for Peanut.”, she concluded.

Tinder’s executives should definitely consider using this story for the app’s advertisement.

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