This adorable cat with cerebellar hypoplasia turned her foster mom into her forever mom

In 2018, a coworker of Taylor Plett asked if she would foster Penny who was 11-months-old at the time.

The coworker thought it best for Penny to go to another home as they had just had a new baby, and already had other cats and dogs, and was finding it hard to give Penny the attention she deserved.

Plett agreed to help out and foster ‘wobbly’ Penny until she could find her a forever home.

Little did she know at that time that Penny had already found it with her.

Wobbling into her heart

At first it was thought that Penny had suffered a fall as a young kitten, which caused her wobbly gait.

But soon she was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition which effects the motor system, co-ordination, and balance of cats.

The condition is not painful, and cats with this condition go on to have normal healthy lives given the right owner.

Especially in cases like Penny’s where her condition is not severe, they can be just like any other cat.

All they need is someone who loves them for who they are and gives them a helping hand every now and then.

Penny certainly found that in Plett.

Calico cat cuddling under a blanket
With Plett, Penny could completely let go and finally be comfortable. Pic credit: @penny.wobbles/Instagram.

And Plett was starting to realize that she had fallen in love with Penny.

From foster to forever

Plett had been looking for someone to adopt Penny for over a year, and even came close to finding someone too.

But when the adopter fell through she was relieved, and decided she’d stop looking for anyone else to adopt Penny, because Penny was hers.

Penny is a sweet and cuddly love bug and Plett is happy to give her all the attention she needs.

“She’ll find me while I’m on the couch or chair, prop herself up on her hind legs, and beg for attention until I grab her and set her down on my lap. No matter what time of day it is, I can pick up Penny, set her down, and she’ll close her eyes and snuggle into me. It’s become one of my favorite things in the world.”

Taylor Plett, Meow A.F, 2019

Penny is definitely a special kind of adorable.

It’s easy to see why Plett couldn’t let her go.

Close-up of calico cat with green eyes
She is such a beautiful cat, with such a strong bond to her owner. Pic credit: @penny.wobbles/Instagram.
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