Animal lover Martha Stewart shows off her newly adopted Bengal cats on social media

Television personality Martha Stewart loves animals and can’t stop welcoming new ones into her home. On Tuesday, the 81-year-old lifestyle expert posted to Instagram that she had recently added two Bengal cats to her “farm menagerie.”

She later posted a slideshow of the felines’ adventure across their enormous new house.

Stewart revealed that the kittens have started settling into the spacious house by making themselves at home in the laundry room and the basement closet.

Given the felines’ tendency to snoop around, the Stewart family tried keeping them on the porch, but it was a waste of time. The rowdy kitties escaped and subsequently got into trouble with the house dogs.

Twelve weeks old Kipling, one of the cats, was described by Stewart as curious and mischievous.

After the post, Martha’s followers flocked to her page to congratulate her on expanding her family.

@vica_vale wrote to the happy cat owner:

“Good for you, Martha! Your Bengals will be a blast.”

Similarly, another commenter praised the kitty’s look:

“Omg, Kipling is adorable!!!! Those bright eyes! I am here for all the Kipling content please.”

Martha Stewart and her animal menagerie

The two Bengals are far from being Stewart’s first critters. In fact, they are just a few among many pets.

Martha has always expressed her love for animals. On her various media platforms, the lifestyle guru frequently gives cat-related advice such as cat hygiene tips, organizing for cats or healthy pet food, etc.

She once boasted that at one point, she owned at least twenty cats, twenty-five dogs, scores of birds, two ponies, three donkeys, ten horses, numerous goats many more animal species.

However, this year, poor weather has made life difficult for Stewart’s farm animals. According to People magazine, seven of her peacocks had been killed by coyotes in broad daylight in July.

The TV expert posted an Instagram video of one of the birds train-rattling its feathers to a Marvin Gaye song as a throwback.

And in April, Stewart revealed that her four dogs had tragically killed her cat, Princess Peony, thinking she was an interloper. Martha claimed that the puss, a calico Persian, was 12 years old and quite authoritative.

Following the tragic loss, Stewart’s famous pals, Kris Jenner and Ellen Pompeo expressed their support for Martha by leaving encouraging comments.

Stewart captioned an Instagram photo of grave preparations for her cat, “burying the beautiful and unusual Princess Peony,” with the hashtags #RIPPeony and #RIPCat.

Hopefully, her new Bengal kittens will ease the pain of losing her former pet.

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