Owner’s roast chicken goes missing after being eaten by pets; Tiktok wants answers on viral “whodunit.”

A pet owner found out how his cat and the dog stole his roast chicken while he was distracted. The bemused cat owner shared a hysterical video of himself trying to get a confession from the culprits on his Tiktok page.

Don’t ever leave your rotisserie chicken unattended. That’s the valuable lesson a pet owner learned this week.

Mexican entrepreneur Othoniel Mora had left his next meal in a plastic case on the kitchen counter. The man was alone in the house with his furry companions, so he didn’t think further.

Unfortunately, the speaker’s chicken disappeared. Even more surprising; the crime scene looked perfectly, prompting Mora to embark on a hunt to find the naughty thief who’d stolen the meat.

To do so, he conducted a professional interrogation of the two main suspects: his two kittens and his three dogs. Mora then posted the clip on his Tiktok page, and hilarity ensued.

Yes, the pets had helped themselves to the roasted chicken. However, they did not anticipate a full-on inquiry.

Othoniel’s video sequence titled “Quién se comió mi pollo?” (Who ate my chicken? In Spanish) may have been taken directly from the movie The Secret Life of Your Pets.

In his best police inspector voice, the pet owner warned his targets that he had enough evidence to prove their misdeed, so it was in their best interest to confess their crime.

 “Who was it, you know I’ll find out once you go to the bathroom; you better tell me,” Othoniel asks.

The innocent expressions on the animals’ faces elicited many heartwarming reactions. *

Since the clip’s upload on October 2, it has earned more than eleven million views and almost two million likes. The funny montage enthused tiktokers.

Netizens give their two cents on the pet investigation

Many shared which animal they thought was guilty in this arduous case. @Silmarwen Alcarin  suspected one of the dogs, noticing :

“I say it was the brown doggy because he even drools from remembering it 😅”

@EduardoRg2 was convinced of the thief’s identity in his comment:

“It was the Bulldog, I have no proof but no doubts either.”

However, user @Elena took the pets’ defense, writing:

“I will not allow you to continue questioning my clients without a lawyer. SEE YOU IN COURT “

Othoniel’s first interrogation video proved popular on the video-sharing platform, so he followed with updates. His viral videos caught the attention of many media outlets.

Even streaming service Netflix Latin America intervened in the discussion, stating that the investigation was “a case worthy of Unsolved Mysteries.”

To find out which pet ate the chicken, or to have a good laugh, visit Othoniel’s TikTok profile.

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