Mechanic repairs cars in the company of his kitten

Cats can be many things: chief mouser, best friend, emotional support, or even the town mayor. A young man from Alberta and his feline enjoy… fixing cars together.

This cat owner regularly posts videos of him and his pet dabbling in car reparations on Tiktok.  A welcome change as most stories involving cars and kitties start with the latter getting stuck in engines.

Austin Louisier is a 22-year-old living with his pet cat in Alberta, Canada. Lousier is the definition of a gearhead, in other words, a massive car enthusiast.

His love for cats goes beyond just looking at pictures of new car releases. University student Austin works as a mechanic as a side hustle.

The Canadian repairs and improves vehicles from scratch to finish in his workshop. Subsequently, his Tiktok page offers countless car-related videos, whether presenting retro models or picking the right metallic paint.

Louisier dutifully chronicles his activities and passion for cars. And to do so, the young mechanic is not alone.

He has a wingman in the form of his Bengal kitten.  If you weren’t convinced of Louisier’s passion, the puss is called Pirelli, a nod to the famous tires brand.

Pirelli, the cat mechanic

Pirelli, the shop kitten, has a busy lifestyle. His owner describes the cat’s routine as avoiding potentially dangerous tools around the workshop and playing pursuit with other creatures.

In addition, the Bengal cat likes other mundane activities such as sitting at the window to stare at the streets or looking for hidden snacks.

When Pirelli isn’t busy doing any of the things above, the kitty can support his mechanic owner. A video of the two companions caught much attention.

The clip features the Bengal cat standing on Austin’s shoulders while the man is working on a vehicle or polishing spare parts. Pirelli doesn’t seem bothered in the least by the noise coming from the mechanic’s electrical devices.

Of his kitten, Austin thinks that the moggy gives him valuable company.

After watching the duo’s fun clips, one would agree with this assertion. Followers always appreciate Pirelli’s appearance in Austin videos.

Some did ponder about the unusual name choice. Tiktok user @Jaimee Chappell asked:

“You named ur cat after a tire brand? 😳”

Another car enthusiast, @Dylan Foxall, commented referring to his own Corvette:

“Ayo, this cat got a better 0-60 than my Vette.”

Pirelli definitely has access to the best, engine-wise. A total gearhead in the making, perhaps.

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