Arthur the “Fuzzy Potato” cat receives the care he needs

Is it a potato or a ball of fluff? No, it’s a cat! Arthur is a special needs kitten whose condition has improved so much with a little extra love and care.

Arthur is currently a resident at Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue in Los Angeles, California. He is in the foster care of the founder, Mel. 

Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding homes for special needs cats and occasionally dogs. They take donations that help them pay for their rescue efforts and medical expenses.

Meet Arthur

When Arthur first came to the rescue on May 28, 2022, it was clear that he would need some help. He had hydrocephalus, which means that he had fluid gathering around his brain, giving his head an irregular domed shape. This would need to be treated. 

He also had entropian, which is an eye abnormality where the eyelid rolls inward. When Mel first took him in, she knew she would have to help him with these disabilities, as well as any new ones that she would learn about as she moved forward with his care.

But these special needs wouldn’t keep Arthur from being a happy, healthy kitten. Mel described what a little ray of sunshine he was even when she first got him:

“He wants to be held all the time and is very excited by the other cats. He is very talkative and loves to fall asleep in my arms. Clearly we are already smitten with him! Welcome to your new life baby Arthur! Sooo many people are rooting for you!” 

Fluffy orange kitten with lopsided eye lies down on back with paws in the air
Arthur is the best at begging for attention. Pic credit: @mellamprey/Instagram

Fuzzy potato

Arthur started to show his personality right away, begging for attention that Mel was happy to give. In one post on her Instagram, she asked if it was possible to get volunteers to pet all the foster cats, especially little Arthur.

Of course, Arthur has needed some medical work done. In June, Arthur had a few doctor visits to treat his head and prepare for his eye surgery. But he was ready to tackle these challenges. Mel said:

“Although these things may seem daunting, let me assure you that Arthur is a very happy and active boy. He hops around the house like a bunny and is begging to play with everyone!”

Arthur did well after that, and he even started growing. On June 26, he was 4 pounds, turning from a “tater tot” into a “potato.” Mel described Arthur as a fuzzy potato, since he already had so much beautiful fur. He is part Maine Coon, so he had irresistible ear floof that was already growing in so well by the beginning of July.

Ups and downs, but mostly ups

On July 23, Mel announced that Arthur was in quarantine. He needed treatment for a parasite and a respiratory infection. He was also receiving daily treatment for his eye. Mel said:

“Despite these set backs he is a very happy and playful boy, and is just dying to get back to his buddy Tulip [another foster cat]. For now he’s stuck with hundreds of kisses daily from foster mommy.” 

Arthur is feeling better now. He enjoys trying out fun food like spaghetti noodles and also loves to play with coffee straws! Mel has decided that she needs to have two straws whenever she drinks her coffee, since one of them will always end up being Arthur’s toy.

Arthur has certainly had some ups and downs, but he has faced them with so much positivity. Because of the special care he has received and because of his adorable personality, this fuzzy potato has only been getting happier and healthier over time.

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