Four foster kitten sisters were nothing but “Good Trouble”

These kitten sisters were rescued and raised in foster care. Now they have been adopted out in pairs to their forever homes.

The kittens were taken from a local animal shelter by Jordan Jones, a foster and volunteer at Juliet’s House Animal Rescue. She would take care of them until they were old enough to be adopted.

According to Jordan, they “caused a lot of anxiety” because they were so young and fragile. They were only 4-5 days old and needed constant care and bottle feeding. In a post on her Instagram, Jordan said:

“There have been a lot of ups and downs since their arrival so let’s hope for more ups in the coming days!”

Jordan’s wish came true. Under her good care, the kittens transformed into the most playful and confident little girls.

Four newborn kittens sleep in a box
These tiny newborn kittens would grow up to be the sweetest kitten sisters. Pic credit: @jojofosters/Instagram

The Good Trouble Girls

Jordan loves to come up with creative names for her fosters. She named the kittens after characters from the drama TV show Good Trouble, which is about the lives of two foster siblings: perfect for these foster kitties!

There was Callie, a kitten who stood out from the rest of them with her cute calico markings. There was also Davia, a black kitten with stunning blue eyes. Then there were Mariana and Malika, tabby twins who looked so much like each other that it was difficult to tell them apart. Together, they were the “Good Trouble Girls.”

Jordan kept track of the kittens’ progress on her Instagram, and it was so much fun to watch their personalities grow!

Callie grew into a friendly cat who loved to cuddle with her sisters. She was also caught a few times “making biscuits,” or kneading her bed and the air. 

Davia had a calmer personality, but she still got a case of the kitten wiggles. Sometimes it even looked like she was dancing.

Mariana was packed with personality. There were videos of her being sleepy and her ears wiggling as she was being bottle fed. She was so photogenic in everything, with the cutest kitten smile.

Malika may have seemed calm in the pictures she took with her siblings, but don’t let that fool you. She loved to jump around, play with toys, and wiggle so much it made you dizzy just watching her.

Four kittens in a bed looking up at the camera
The “Good Trouble Girls,” top to bottom: Callie, Malika, Davia, Mariana. Pic credit: @jojofosters/Instagram

Sisters stay together

On June 18, Jordan announced that all four had been adopted. Even better, they had been adopted in pairs. Callie and Mariana went to their forever home together, and Davia and Malika were paired up and adopted together too.

After causing so much anxiety as newborns, these “Good Trouble Girls” grew into such healthy and spunky kitties who can continue to hang out as sisters in their new homes.

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