Small calico senior cat

Meet Daisy, the senior kitty who overcame medical problems to live her best life

In one of our articles, you’ve already met BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet,” a rescue cat turned social media influencer. Now say hello to Daisy, another cat in BenBen’s family with a story of her own. Like BenBen, Daisy was a rescue cat. She joined the family early this year when her humans … Read more

Cat tumor looks like evil twin

Lifesaving surgery is performed on cat born with twin-like tumor in her tail

In Turkey, a Siamese housecat was born with a mass in her tail. The tumor possessed bone-like tissues, hair, and teeth. In summary, it was as if the puss carried a twin in her extremity. The feline underwent a complex surgery to remove the lump identified as teratoma.  She was only the second patient ever … Read more

Woman raises funds for sick cat

Student sells books and everything she can to fund her sick cat’s treatment

Pets are an integral part of their owner’s life. Therefore, whenever these companions are hurting, so do their owners.  A Mexican student with a sick kitten decided to sell books, albums, and everything she could to fund the medical treatment. A resident from Mexico City named Gabriela Cruz opened up about the health condition of … Read more