Cat has a hilarious reaction when her owners rearrange the furniture

Before rearranging some furniture for spring cleaning, Chrissy’s owners should have asked for her permission first. Instead, the cat disagreed and found a way to share her feelings.

Christina – Chrissy to her friends – decided to sulk for a good reason, she wanted her parents to keep their paws off her stuff. Her owners uploaded a clip of the cat giving them the cold shoulder on the feline’s Instagram.

Since it was uploaded to the platform on June 22nd, the video showing the cat pouting has quickly gained widespread attention and a mention in the news.

The post received half a million views in a single day. Cats of Instagram, a popular page dedicated to felines, shared the initial post, giving it more exposure.

Chrissy likes her routine

Not all cats are enthusiastic about change, and Chrissy is no exception.

Her human caretakers explained that they had begun their annual spring-cleaning routine that day. But, for it to work efficiently, they needed to move some furniture.

This initiative didn’t go down well with the resolute Chrissy. Indeed, the puss was really displeased that the house layout had been altered without her agreement. She made her point known by adopting a disgruntled attitude.

Not answering anyone

With the video clip, the owners included this description:

“Chrissy looks at the wall and ignores Mom and Dad, sometimes forgetting that she is angry,”

They take turns calling her while she turns her back on them. She reacts only once at the beginning of the video by emitting a tiny meow but immediately resumes her posture as if she remembered that she should be angry.

Her owners have now been given a warning. The next time they want to move something around the house, they will need the chief’s permission.

From now on they should always have a conversation with Chrissy before beginning their spring cleaning.

Not everyone is a fan of routine, but cats need it, as daily rituals and a predictable environment make them feel secure.

The slightest change in a routine can be troubling and the repercussions on cats’ behavior can then be disastrous.

The origin of cats’ behavioral patterns

In the past, long before it was tamed, the wild cat was a nomadic animal and lived on a territory. Most of the time, a wild cat would hunt to survive, on average catching up to twenty prey a day.

So naturally, this meant he had a busy day, traveling many miles and resting between hunting sessions.

As a result of being domesticated, the cat has become increasingly similar to the man who leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Owners shelter the young cat, even though the feline no longer requires protection from potential threats or adverse weather conditions.

In return, the animal protects itself and its territory against the uncommon vermin it encounters, such as field mice, mice, or rats.

Because it does not have to exert any effort to eat, the cat is at a loss for how to spend its days, which are no longer devoted to hunting.

It is likely an attempt to avoid boredom that drives cats to begin organizing their day and developing a variety of rituals.

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