Curious kitten freed from a vending machine by firefighters

A kitten’s curiosity got him into trouble; the sly feline got trapped inside a soda vending machine. Fortunately for the prisoner, an employee of the store where the device was located informed the firefighters, who quickly intervened.

The survivor of the devious soda machine was not only freed but found a loving family, the incredible story was reported by the official City of Morristown Facebook page.

Curiosity is one of the cats’ most endearing attributes. It’s an innate quality in most felines. Whether in the house or wandering outside, cats are vigilant creatures who closely monitor everything.

Although this nosiness allows them to survive in the wild, it can get them into tricky situations.

A soda jail

On Wednesday, June 29th, an uncommon rescue operation took place at a Walmart store in Morristown, Tennessee.

That morning, Lindsey, a Walmart employee, came to her place of work in her early hours as usual. The woman finalized her prep routine and started her workday.  

Lindsay was walking through Walmart’s aisles when she was alerted by an insistent sound, specifically meows.

The most surprising fact is that the meows were coming from one of the vending machines installed in the store.

The young woman tried to find the kitten making the distress calls, yet she couldn’t. As she was unable to help the feline, Lindsay resorted to calling the Morristown Fire Department.

Soon after the call, the firefighters arrived at the store. Just like Lindsay, before their arrival, the team could hear the kitten’s meows, but they still could not reach the animal.

Firefighters began by unplugging the vending machine, then removed the back panel, despite doing this, the kitten was still nowhere to be seen.

A rescue and an adoption

Following several attempts and examining the machine from every angle, they finally found an additional opening. Through this access, the firefighters could lure the kitten out of its unintended trap and into safety.

Unharmed, the kitten was taken in by Lindsey, who decided to adopt him right away. His rescuers jokingly suggested to the Walmart employee that she name him Pepsi, like the soda company.

The Morristown city officials told the story on social media, prompting users to give potential names to the cat. Humorous suggestions included “Mountain Mew” (a pun on soda brand Mountain Dew) and Morris to thank the emergency responders.

Lindsay has not shared the name she chose for her new pet. Nevertheless, the gray kitten is a lucky one.

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